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Recap Of Webinar Topics

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A Big Lie

Employees easily get caught up demonstrating their value by being busy.


Intrapreneurial, or Just Busy?

Here is a comparison between intrapreneurial behavior vs. just being busy.


How Leaders Contribute to Busyness

Current practices that promote busyness over intrapreneurial behavior.


Today's Message from Employees

The employee movement towards shared investment, and what that looks like.


Building Career Stories

When you want an intrapreneur, help the intrapreneur write a success story.


The Value-Added Output

The Value-Added Output is the keystone for providing employees content for their success story.


The Mindset for Building Intrapreneurs

Moving from knowledge, skills, or mindsets to strategy to build your team of intrapreneurs.


From Intrapreneurs to an Agile Workforce

Here are the strategies your team of intrapreneurs need to become an agile workforce.

Our Promise

Utilizing the method demonstrated today you're on track for:

Employee Engagement

Employees increase engagement when they clearly see the connection between their efforts and results that matter.

An Agile Workforce

When everyone on a team knows their role in producing value, and has the toolkit to adapt to continual change, your team becomes agile.

I invite you to a 20-minute call in which we can discuss how to take an idea from this webinar and make it work in your organization.

Visible Employee Value

Moving away from long-term goals to use of Value-Added Outputs provides the capability to capture the real value of an employee.

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