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A Recap

Make sure to rewatch the parts that matter most so you can retain everything being taught today. 


The Six Problems

The annual appraisal has problems with consistency, perception, and cost.


The Consistency Problems

Here are examples of the lack of consistency experienced with annual appraisals.


New Principles for Employee Evaluation

Here are six principles that form the foundation of any improvement or replacement of the annual appraisal.


Measure Performance Using Trends

How to bring in more data that shows your influence. Show your production of Relevant Business Results.


Focus on Value-Added Outputs

Value-Added Outputs prove your contribution to Relevant Business Results and keep you focused.


Meaningful Competence™

Meaningful Competence™ is the framework that identifies, creates, and communicates real value.

Our Promise

Utilizing the method demonstrated today you're on track for:

Employee Engagement

Employees increase engagement when they clearly see the connection between their efforts and results that matter.

An Agile Workforce

When everyone on a team knows their role in producing value, and has the toolkit to adapt to continual change, your team becomes agile.

I invite you to a 20-minute call in which we can discuss how to take an idea from this webinar and make it work in your organization.

Visible Employee Value

Moving away from long-term goals to use of Value-Added Outputs provides the capability to capture the real value of an employee.

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